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Agostini’s Limited distributse Pharmaceuticals, Food, Beverages, Household, Personal Care, Imaging, Lighting, Printing, Oilfield, Hydraulic, Lubricants and Commercial Lighting Products. As well as Housewares, Tools and Fastening Systems and Building Materials. In addition they have retail Pharmacies and Convenience Stores specializing in Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care, Ready to Go foods and a wide range of Convivence items. They have also been involved in the provisioning of interior construction services for the past 55 years..

“Of benefit is the program’s action-learning. I was impressed to hear first-hand how the Group CEO’s are engaging differently and better with their team members. I am heartened to see them actively trying out new ideas, dovetailing these with our strategies and achieving results.”

— Anthony Agostini, Group MD
Agostini’s Limited

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