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The Massy Group is the Caribbean’s largest conglomerate, comprising companies in retail, insurance, automotive, information technology, energy, and industrial equipment sectors.


When I took the delegation quiz/test during my BPM session, my score was low. Based on the results, I was not very effective at delegation. This was no surprise as I was a very hands-on manager which often resulted in bottlenecks and staff dependence on me.

From the module Seven Steps To Effective Delegation, I immediately set out to use the tools in planning and executing the Massy Group’s annual SVA Performance exercise. I delegated the reviews and testing jobs to our Corporate Reporting Officers and sought feedback on their progress.

Department output increased to almost 90% as SVA completed for 55 companies in November, within one week (during peak-time), compared to the delay of the previous year.

-Zyreene Sarafat

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